Science and Reading Combined!

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Science and Reading Combined!

I am curious about the world. I am curious how things work. I love reading, and I think I am a great reader. This set of books is perfect for me. These books talk about science things like weather, how toys or other things work, roller coasters and other cool items! I get to read and learn about science at the same time! I would use these books to also complete my nightly reading log for school!

A Little About Me

This is Latrell! I really enjoy chapter books. I read them every night. I also am a part of the Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) program at my school. I want to work really hard this year to get into a great middle school, high school and eventually college!

Thank You!

My Teacher Recommendation

Mr Moore (Grade 4)

Latrell is a very promising student. It is an honor to have him in my class. He is a high performer in reading. Also, he is very curious about everything. He absolutely loves science. This set of books will push his reading ability to the next level as well as cater towards his curiosity in science. I will work with him and his mother to provide extension activities after reading these books. He will also use these books to fulfill his reading log homework. Latrell will take full advantage of this resource.

My Product Description

STEM Nonfiction Book Set - Gr. 4-5

Children get an in-depth look at amusement parks, vehicles, architecture and more—with 8 high-interest books that support STEM education! The softcover books feature vibrant photos and engaging text that bring concepts to life…and include lab activities, real-world math problems and more! Each book is 32 pp.

My Project Progress

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