Tackling Non-Fiction Texts!

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Tackling Non-Fiction Texts!

My teacher and parents are helping me work on tackling nonfiction texts. I want to work on better understanding nonfiction texts, especially nonfiction texts that are about science. My teacher said this book was "just right" for me. I will use it with my teacher and parents to better understand nonfiction texts. This wil also help me get ready for the PARCC.

A Little About Me

I'm Kengia! I really like reading our class book "One Crazy Summer." This year I want to work on reading faster. I also want to work on understanding more information when I read. I love typing my essays in the school computer lab. I go to the computer lab three times a week.

Thank You!

My Teacher Recommendation

Mr Moore (Grade 4)

Kengia loves to participate and share her work in class with other students. She is proud of her work. She has improved her reading fluency, but needs to work on better understanding nonfiction texts. This book is "just right" for her. Her parents and I will help her use this resource.

My Product Description


Contains articles and related practice tests designed to enhance the sentence, paragraph, and whole-story comprehensionskills of students in third grade. includes a teacher resource cd.

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