II want to learn about my ancient legacy

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II want to learn about my ancient legacy

Every year, KIPP goes on a once in a lifetime Civil Rights Tour through the South. We visit the heart of the Civil Rights Movement and go to places such as Birmingham, Montgomery, Selma, and Atlanta.I want to learn about martin luther kings legacy.

A Little About Me

My name is Giavonna. I am fourteen years old and I want to be a business owner and accountant. When I have free time I volunteer at places and cook. I love school because you can grow your mind and you can learn about the past and learn new language. I appreciate any support you are able to provide.

Thank You!

My Teacher Recommendation

Mr Francaviglia (Grade 8)

Giavonna is incredibly sweet and has overcome a lot of obstacles in her life. She never complains and always puts forth her best effort. In fact, Giavonna is one of the most responsible 8th graders at KIPP. She never misses assignments and when she is absent from school, she follows up with all teachers via e-mail so she does not fall behind on her lessons. Giavonna is extremely deserving of this trip and it would be an event that she would never forget.

My Product Description

KIPP Ujima Civil Rights Field Tour

The 8th grade class at KIPP Ujima Village Academy in Baltimore, Maryland always finishes the year with a Civil Rights tour through the South. The tour is a culmination of a year long focus on Civil Rights. It is a very special trip to our 8th graders and it is the type of trip that a person would not forget their entire life. We make several stops over the course of more than a week. The cities we stop at include: Atlanta, Georgia, Montgomery, Alabama, Selma, Alabama, Tuskegee, Alabama, and Birmingham, Alabama. A selection of stops include: Martin Luther King Jr's grave and childhood home, Ebenezer Baptist Church, 16th Street Baptist Church, Southern Poverty Law Center, Edmund Pettus Bridge, Slavery and Civil War Museum, Voting Rights Museum, Rosa Parks Museum, the World of Coke, Atlanta Underground, and the Georgia Aquarium.

My Project Progress

Check out my progress putting your donation dollars to use:

My Dream School:

  • High School = The Bard School, College = Loyola

My College Area of Study:

  • I want to study business. I want to study this because I want to be a business owner and I want to run a business and I know Loyola has a good business program.