Send me on a trip of a lifetime!

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Send me on a trip of a lifetime!

Every year, KIPP goes on a once in a lifetime Civil Rights Tour through the South. We visit the heart of the Civil Rights Movement and go to places such as Birmingham, Montgomery, Selma, and Atlanta. We see such things as Martin Luther King Jr's childhood home and grave, the 16th Street Baptist Church, the Southern Poverty Law Center, Stone Mountain and many more. We even several HBCUs including Morehouse and Spelman. The highlight is when we cross the Edmund Pettus Bridge while singing Civil Rights Hymns. It is simply a once in a lifetime trip but the cost to students has been going up each year due to budget cuts. This trip is something I will remember forever and any help is greatly appreciated. Check out more here about the trip here and look at pictures from previous years:

A Little About Me

My name is Le'Trey Bond and I am 14 years old. I want to be a NFL player but after that I am going to own my own business. What I like to do for fun is to play football and play all different type of sports. Also, I like to play games. I love school because it helps me learn and the teachers help me and also I love to learn new things.

Thank You!

My Teacher Recommendation

Mr Francaviglia (Grade 8)

Le'Trey is a great person who brings a lot of life to the classroom. He is always ready to support his teammates at KIPP and has a positive attitude about everything. In class, he is fun to teach and willing to take risks, plus he is quick with a joke. Le'Trey is a great candidate for support as he will engage fully with this experience and remember it for the rest of his life.

My Product Description

KIPP Ujima Civil Rights Field Tour

The 8th grade class at KIPP Ujima Village Academy in Baltimore, Maryland always finishes the year with a Civil Rights tour through the South. The tour is a culmination of a year long focus on Civil Rights. It is a very special trip to our 8th graders and it is the type of trip that a person would not forget their entire life. We make several stops over the course of more than a week. The cities we stop at include: Atlanta, Georgia, Montgomery, Alabama, Selma, Alabama, Tuskegee, Alabama, and Birmingham, Alabama. A selection of stops include: Martin Luther King Jr's grave and childhood home, Ebenezer Baptist Church, 16th Street Baptist Church, Southern Poverty Law Center, Edmund Pettus Bridge, Slavery and Civil War Museum, Voting Rights Museum, Rosa Parks Museum, the World of Coke, Atlanta Underground, and the Georgia Aquarium.

My Project Progress

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My Dream School:

  • I want to go to Louisiana State University or Florida State University

My College Area of Study:

  • I want to study business because I want to have my own business one day.