What is the value ?

Elementary Math - Place Value
Project Deadline: 2016-05-01






What is the value ?

I need to work on writing numbers in standard form and expanded form. I also need to work on finding the value of specific digits in numbers up to 1,000 and understanding place value. Ms. Felix and my family will use this with me everyday so that I can master this skill. I am ready for this!

A Little About Me

I'm Dierra! I love sharing my writing with the class. I share my journal prompt and Do Now with the class everyday. This year I love both reading and math, but I really want to focus on my math this year.

Thank You!

My Teacher Recommendation

Miss Felix (Grade 5)

I have known Dierra since I taught her sister several years ago. She is a responsible and delightful young lady. She would benefit from extra math practice to improve her skills. Thank you for taking the time to read her profile and help her be successful.

My Product Description

Quick-Pick Place Value Activity Cards

Perfect for daily warm-ups, extra practice and more, this skill-building set is loaded with activities children can pick up and complete anywhere! Box includes 50 ready-to-go cards that target place value to 1,000. Children just grab an activity card when they have extra time, then build skills as they complete number patterns, match numbers in expanded form to standard form, practice rounding with a number lineā€”and more! Cards are 3" x 5".

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