Reading: Not too easy, not too hard

Guided Reading Book Set
Project Deadline: 2016-05-01






Reading: Not too easy, not too hard

These books are not too easy and not too hard for me. They are just right. I really want to work on better understand what I am reading this year. I will use these books with my teacher and with my family at home throughout the year. It will be cool to have my very own set of special books that are "just right" for me!

A Little About Me

You have to be like a detective when you read. You have to use what you know and what you read to make predictions. I love trying to guess what will happen in the text. This year is really important because next year I go to middle school.

Thank You!

My Teacher Recommendation

Mr Moore (Grade 5)

Zyaira is a very respectful student who definitely deserves this resource. I know that she would use it with me, at home and with her mother. She truly loves learning and tries her best!

My Product Description

Lily’s Choice L-M Leveled Book Set 2

Lily says "These 5 level L-M current releases will make it easy to get your reader away from the tv!": Abracadabra! Magic with Mouse and Mole, A Birthday for Bear, Mercy Watson Goes for A Ride, Monster Trucks, and Teeny Tiny Animals.

My Project Progress

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