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Chapter Book King

David's my name. Chapter books are my game. I love reading, and I especially like chapter book. I will use these with my mom and my teacher throughout the year. I will also use them during my 25 minute reading homework time. My teacher says these books are "just right" for me.

A Little About Me

My teacher says that I am strong reader. I really enjoy reading to other students and I am really good at spelling. Looking at my spelling quiz below! I am excited about this year and getting ready for middle school!

Thank You!

My Teacher Recommendation

Mr Moore (Grade 4)

David is a strong reader who loves to independently read. These books are not too easy, or not too hard for David. They are truly at his instructional level. If provided, I know that David is deserving of these books and will use them at home to fulfill his 25 minute reading log on a nightly basis.

My Product Description

Lily’s Choice Q-R Leveled Book Set 2

Lily says "Get your reader reading with this exciting grouping of current releases!": Wishworks, Inc., Camille McPhee Fell Under the Bus, EllRay Jakes is a Rock Star, Raymond and Graham: Cool Campers, and Your Backyard is Wild.

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